Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank | Review

Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank

Power banks these days come in all different sizes and configurations. Before purchasing one, you need to make sure that the specs will meet your requirements for the devices you use. In this day and age, having a power bank with USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a must, and especially one that has enough power to fast charge devices. You need something like the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank made by Eggtronic. This is a three-port power bank with 2xUSB-A ports and 1xUSB-C PD port with a 20,000mAh battery and 63W combined output. It can charge three devices simultaneously and each port has different outputs for different devices.

Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank

Let’s get some specs out of the way. Like I mentioned above, there are three USB ports. The USB-C PD port outputs at 45W. One of the USB-A ports outputs at 18W (Quick Charge 3.0) while the other outputs at just 5W (2.4A). The USB-C PD and the Quick Charge 3.0 are all you should really care about here as that regular 5W (2.4A) port is pretty slow. This port is basically for anything that doesn’t require some type of fast charging. The box does include a USB-C to USB-C cable along with a USB-A to USB-C adaptor. What I do like about the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank though is that you can fast charge two devices at once. If you have a device that supports it, you can even super/ultra-fast charge with the USB-C PD port.

In terms of design, the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank is quite a stylish-looking power bank. While many higher-end units might rely on something flashy like an aluminum casing, this one is covered in a handsome, soft waterproof linen canvas. It gives the power bank a very sophisticated business look. On the front is a large LCD screen that displays the amount of power left in the battery. Speaking of large, small is not how you would describe the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank. This is not something you can just fit in your pocket. It’s fairly long and wide, though not very thick so it can still fit in your bag without adding too much thickness.

Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank

Because of the size of the battery, charging this beast will take some time. Einova recommends using a 30W USB-C PD power adapter or better, something like the Sirius 65W Universal Charger would work just fine.

With the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank, I tried this on various different devices to see how this would charge them. I’m currently on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and this power bank will both fast-charge and super fast-charge the phone. The charger also works perfectly with the Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and other portable consoles. Accessories have no problem being charged with the Einova power bank either. You can also charge a laptop with this, but be aware that different laptops have different charging requirements so not all of them will charge correctly or quickly.

Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank

So with that said, the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank is a great choice for anyone looking for a portable power pack that’s versatile and can charge a wide assortment of devices. While it is a bit on the larger side of things, it’s not unmanageable and honestly, I can let the size slide thanks in part to how handsome it looks with the fabric decor. Of course, having 20,000mAh on tap is a huge reason like the Einova 63W Ultra Fast Power Bank, and being able to “ultra-fast charge” a variety of devices is another. That means you’ll be spending less time charging and more time enjoying your device.


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