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Golf Strike

For some reason, I’ve been searching for sports games lately to play on my phone. It could be that I got a new phone and I’m just curious about how certain games will run on it, but sports games aren’t really my favorite. Yet I found my self downloading a few recently, specifically golf games because that’s one of the few sports that I’ll actually play as a video game. Anyways, the Play Store recommended Golf Strike to me and it looked kind of interesting. Instead of being a simulation, this is more of an arcade style golf game that is played in real time against five other players from all over the world vying for the top spot.

Golf Strike is strictly a multiplayer affair. You can either choose to play the standard 6-player match or a 1v1 duel. Playing matches against others isn’t unlimited though. Like most free-to-play games, Golf Strike sets a limit of how many times you can play and it does this with coins. You have to pay coins to enter any match, which you can earn by winning matches, or for free daily when the timer runs out. You can even collect coins by watching an ad. If you’re good, you’ll most likely win more coins than you actually spend so you don’t need to really worry about running out. There’s also gems you can earn and trade in for better equipment or more coins. Like with any free-to-play game, you can also buy gems with real money.

In terms of gameplay, Golf Strike makes things fairly simple to learn. Basically you point to where you would like the ball to go, pull back on the ball, and then release when the little meter hits the center portion. This makes for a perfect shot. If you want to get more advanced, you can also affect the spin of the ball. It’s not very hard to learn the basics at all. Actually playing is a different story though. The game will take practice to get good at and it’s really not as simple as just pointing and shooting. There are things to take in to consideration, such as wind direction, speed, the way the ball will bounce, and course hazards. Much of it is like standard golf, just a lot faster paced.

So is Golf Strike fun? Totally. I didn’t think a real-time PvP golf game like this would be much fun, but it really is. I like the fast-paced nature of the game and that everyone is playing at the same exact time. Unlike real golf, you don’t have to wait for everyone to take their turn before you do. That means you can play Golf Strike at your leisure and in short bursts or long sessions. It’s entirely up to you. With that said, Golf Strike is great for those who love golf and love the thrill of competing against others.

Google Play Store: Golf Strike
Apple App Store: Golf Strike


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