How Many Copies of Minecraft Do You Own and Which is Your Favorite?

Minecraft is a game that never gets old. I’ve been playing it for years now on and off and that’s mainly because of my kids. We can spend hours and hours just building random stuff or trying to survive on random worlds and part of that has to do with just how often Minecraft gets updated. Anytime we start to get a little bored with it, Minecraft adds something new to the game that keeps us coming back for more. What is insane however is just how many copies of Minecraft I own.

My first experience with Minecraft was on the Xbox 360. My son and I played that one for a good long while. When I upgraded to the PlayStation 4, I had to buy the PS4 version of Minecraft mainly because my Xbox 360 stopped working.

But then a few years later, my son decided to get the Java version of Minecraft on the PC and that’s mainly what he’s been playing on ever since. Of course that version of the game eventually included a free Windows 10 version of the game which I play every now and then on my laptop. That’s not my platform of choice for Minecraft however, my phone is. You see, Minecraft on Android or even iOS is the cheapest version of Minecraft you can buy, and it’s fully cross-play compatible with most versions of Minecraft that run on the Bedrock platform. That means I can play with other players running Minecraft on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, iOS and iPadOS devices, and Android devices.

The Android version of Minecraft is also sitting in my Family Library and anyone (kids) I share my library with can download a full copy of the game without me having to buy it again. I’m happy I didn’t shell out money for a PS Vita or Switch version of the game as the Android version is even more portable and still works with a controller, keyboard, and mouse. Not only that, it even takes mods such as texture packs, map packs, and more. I can even manually import and export the worlds that I make. The game also runs just as good on mid-range devices as it does on flagships. You can even opt into running beta versions of the game.

So after purchasing five different versions of Minecraft over the years, Minecraft on my phone is the best version of Minecraft for me. It’s the most versatile and I always have it with me to play when I’m bored and away from a console or PC.

So how many copies of Minecraft have you owned? Which is your favorite version of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve bought Minecraft 4 different times (though I own 5 copies of it due to the fact that they upgraded the Nintendo Switch version, which essentially means I have two copies on Switch).

    I didn’t get into Minecraft until a lot later than most fans. My first copy was the Java version on PC. When I upgraded to Windows 10 on a new PC a few years later, I had to buy the new version to run on it (which was a bummer, but I think I got a discount since I already owned the Java).

    I bought a copy for my Nintendo Wii U. And then again on the Nintendo Switch when I moved Nintendo platforms.

    Though I like my Switch version for the portability factor, I still enjoy the PC version most due to mods and add-ons. I have quite a library of stuff for Minecraft since there’s numerous pieces of content that I’ve picked up for free over the years!

    I’ve actually not tried the mobile version, but if I did, it would put it on my Android tablet. I don’t need yet another copy, though!!! XD

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