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Forza Street | Mobile Review

Forza Street | Mobile Review

Fans of Microsoft’s long running racing franchise, Forza will be happy to note that the series has made the jump to mobile with its debut title, Forza Street. This is a game that promises “real cinematic racing” along with tons of cars to collect and modify. The question is, does it provide that true racing … Continue reading

TGWK’s Review – My Xbox Live v1.2.0 (iOS)

My Xbox Live is the app every Xbox 360 fan has been waiting for from Microsoft. Unlike other Xbox Live apps we’ve seen in the past, this one is an official Microsoft made product and it really shows. With its slick Metro inspired user interface that really displays the look and feel of the new … Continue reading

TGWK’s Quick Rental Review – Darksiders (Xbox 360)

Warning: Rated M for mature. Violence obviously and mature themes. Darksiders is one of those games that kind of got lost in the holiday retail season of ’09 and it’s a shame that that happened. Darksiders was created by ex-comic book artist and creator Joe Madureira and his development studio, Vigil Games. Darsiders tells the … Continue reading

Kinect Sports Launch Trailer

As you know, the Kinect come out this week for the Xbox 360. One of the featured launch titles is Kinect Sports. It’s basically like Wii Sports but no controller and you have to use your entire body to play. The assortment of sports games included looks pretty good and the graphics certainly look much … Continue reading