Dead Rising 3 – Zombie Apocalypse Evolved [Video]

From time to time I’ll post these little zombie related posts only because I’m a huge zombie fan. If there are zombies involved, I’ll usually watch it or play it. It’s a shame then that Dead Rising 3, the next installment in Capcom’s popular zombie franchise will be coming to Xbox One exclusively. I’ve decided not to pick up an Xbox One when it is released, instead opting for a PlayStation 4. Unless Capcom later decides to release this for other consoles or PC, it looks like this will be the only Dead Rising game that I will not get to play.

The game however does look really good both graphically and gameplay wise, although I’m a bit disappointed that the series will be taking a more serious tone with DR3 than it has in previous games. I would have still picked it up though, if I were getting an Xbox One.

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