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iOS and Android Will Not Be Getting Xbox Games

iOS and Android Will Not Be Getting Xbox Games

Now this was a rumor that has been floating around the past few weeks concerning Microsoft’s Xbox platform and that it may end up on iOS and Android. Well, that’s been shot down by Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer and the service definitely will not be coming to those platforms. Oh well. [via Cult … Continue reading

Crysis 2 Story Trailer

Warning: Not for children. Features violence, blood, and adult themes. Crysis 2 comes out at the end of March and so far, all the trailers I’ve seen for this game have shown off some amazing graphics and unique gameplay elements. I did have a chance to play the multiplayer demo on Xbox Live, and everything … Continue reading

Kinect Sports Launch Trailer

As you know, the Kinect come out this week for the Xbox 360. One of the featured launch titles is Kinect Sports. It’s basically like Wii Sports but no controller and you have to use your entire body to play. The assortment of sports games included looks pretty good and the graphics certainly look much … Continue reading

Fable III: Revolution Launch Trailer

We got a brand new Fable III: Revolution launch trailer here. It’s an all cinematic trailer so I’m pretty sure none of it is in-game footage. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to playing this. “Revolution” does get me hyped to play Fable III, but first I still need to finish Fable II.