Destiny 2 Not Working For You on PC Game Pass Through Xbox? Try This | Tutorial

Destiny 2

So over the past week maybe, Destiny 2 has not been loading on PC Game Pass through Xbox. Whenever you click play on Destiny 2, the load screen would appear and then immediately crash after 2-3 seconds. What was so frustrating was that the Steam version of the game loaded up just fine. A quick search and Google didn’t really bring up anything except for a thread over on Xbox help forum about a ton of people having the same issue. There was a temporary fix, that worked for one day before it was either blocked or pulled.

Anyways, it seemed that the issue was Micorosft Game Services, specifically version 3.63.8003.0. This somehow broke the game for everyone. That got me thinking. I did notice that there is an Xbox Insider Hub for the PC and wondered if this would install some other version of Game Services if I were to join it. At this point, I’d try anything just to play again so I decided to join.

Xbox insiders Hub

This makes you download the Xbox Insider Hub app which you can get from here. Once installed, click Preview, and then join the Windows Gaming preview.

Microsoft Store

Once you do that, go to the Microsoft Store app on your PC and head to your Library section. Click Get Updates and an update for Xbox and Gaming Services should appear. Gaming Services should get upgraded to version 3.63.16003.0 and Xbox should be version 2203.1001.1.0.

Load the Xbox app back up and you should notice a slight UI change. Load up Destiny 2 and you should be back in business from here. The title screen will finally load up and you’ll be able to go to your character selection screen from there.

Hopefully, Microsoft will push this fix to the regular Xbox app and Gaming Services soon, as I know not everyone likes running beta software.

Let me know in the comments if this worked for you.


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