Gloryhammer RAID, Ragnarock’s First DLC Available Today | Trailer

Wannadev Studio annoucned the avaialble of their first Ragnarock DLC, Ragnarock: Gloryhammer RAID. The DLC features six brand new epic tracks from iconic, community-loved power metal band Gloryhammer.

The RAID includes the song marathon “The Fires of Ancient Cosmic Destiny” to play during an intense 10 minutes sequence. A unique new collectible Hammer, “Hammer of Glory”, will be unlocked once all the RAID tracks have been completed.
Gloryhammer RAID songs can be played solo or multiplayer with other players who own the DLC. In addition, with this first RAID, more features are available: 

  • Possibility to create local profiles to enable multiple people to play with the same headset
  •  Improved Custom Songs system with the ability to play Custom Songs in multiplayer mode as well as the creation of custom trees

Ragnarock is currently available on Steam, Meta and Viveport.

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