Updated OBAKEIDORO! Coming to Nintendo Switch on August 12 | Trailer

Originally released back in August of 2019, Obakeidoro! is a 3v1 PvP game between humans and ghosts. Humans have 3 minutes to work together to get away from the ghost! Playing as the ghost, you’ll have to utilize your skills to catch the Humans! Play online or offline with up to 4 players. As a Human, don’t just simply run away! Use your Lantern Attack to fend off the ghost. If you time it just right, you might be able to turn the tides in your favor. As the ghost, utilizing your powerful skills is key to your victory. Use skills like Glide and Track to capture the Humans.

In this new updated version, the number of players has increased. There are now 2 ghosts and 6 humans. There’s also the inclusion of new stickers, new multiplayer modes, and new downloadable characters. This new version also includes updates based on player feedback. Players who own the original game can just update to get the new version. If you do not have Obakeidoro!, the game after release will have event sales from Aug. 12 till Sep. 1, which offers a 30% discount.


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