Tetragon is a Unique Rotating Puzzle Game on Nintendo Switch | Review


If you’re into puzzle games, you might want to give Buka Entertainment’s latest, Tetragon a chance, Tetragon is a unique puzzle game where you can literally control gravity. There is no up or down in the traditional sense with gravity determining where the ground actually is. In Tetragon, you play as a brave lumberjack looking for his lost son. After entering a strange doorway, your adventure begins, as does the search for your son.

The first thing you’ll definitely notice about Tetragon is the beautiful artwork. This was truly what drew me to the game first. The world you’re thrown into is just so lush and alive. There’s just so much detail in the environment that you’ll want to just sit for a moment and take it all in. The levels are mainly square, but because of the Switch’s aspect ratio, the bordered areas are filled in with scenic elements that match the environment. It’s a nice way of filling in what would otherwise be empty space and it does give the illusion that the levels are larger than they actually are.

Anyways, once you get past how gorgeous the game is, you’ll be hit with just exactly what this game is all about and that’s the puzzles. The puzzles are the other half of the equation here and combined with the art, you get a winning combination. You see, each level is basically a square and you must find your way to the doorway to exit it. To do so, you must follow the laws of gravity. You can only climb up a certain height and you can only drop down from a certain height, or you’ll die. There are certain blocks on the level that you can move up and down using magic. This is so you can create steps or platforms. There are also these statues you can use to turn the level clockwise or counter-clockwise making what was once the wall, now the floor.

That’s basically the core game. Turn the world how you want and move the blocks so you can get to the doorway. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. There are just so many factors involved in solving these environmental puzzles. First you need to figure out where the doorway is. Then you need to figure out how to get there, what blocks to move, and which way to rotate the level. Aside from finding how to get to the doorways, there are also secret items hidden on some levels that require extra thought and steps to get to.


In terms of challenge, Tetragon as I stated above is no walk in the park. The puzzles can be quite challenging and difficult to solve and some might even take lots of trial and error if you can’t see the solution right away. You need to think outside of the box to solve a lot of these, but don’t give up because you’ll soon start getting the hang of what you need to do to solve them.

So is Tetragon a worthy purchase? If you love puzzle games, the answer is yes. If you love games that are gorgeous looking and unique, the answer is also yes. Not only that, but Tetgragon also has a rather interesting story to tell that might not seem too obvious at first, but there’s definitely something sinister going on behind the scenes that involve your son and the mysterious voice that keeps talking to you.

Tetragon is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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