Super Animal Royale is a Super Cute Battle Royale Game that Doesn’t Skimp on Action | Nintendo Switch Review

Super Animal Royale

As if there weren’t enough battle royale games already, Modus Games has entered the scene with their latest entry into the genre, Super Animal Royale. This is a 64 player, battle royale game consisting of cute animals, loads of weapons, and a beautifully crafted, hand-drawn world where all the action takes place. Don’t be fooled by the cutsie nature of the game because Super Animal Royale is full of action and is just as deep and competitive as most of the ultra-popular battle royale games. While Super Animal Royale does take cues from games like Fortnite and COD: Warzone, the 2D, top-down view of the game presents its own unique gameplay elements that make the game a worthy entry into the genre.

What makes Super Animal Royale different from the hundreds of other battle royale games out there? I’d say it’s the amazing hand-drawn world as well as the super cute animal characters you play as. This is a game that doesn’t take itself as seriously as the more adult battle royale games, yet it’s still feature-rich and just as competitive. In fact, if you take away the cute animals and more cartoon-like design elements, it’s very much as deep and competitive as all those other games.

This is a top-down, 2D shooter with a control scheme similar to that of twin-stick shooters. You will have to manually fire your weapon with the trigger and you aim with the right thumbstick. Movement is with the left thumbstick and you can do a neat little rolling dodge with the left trigger. You can carry two guns and one melee weapon that you can switch between with the two top shoulder buttons. For the most part, this is a standard battle royale game, kill your enemies and survive until the end. The last animal alive wins.

Similar to other games, the world is huge and you drop down to it on a flying Giant Eagle Bus. The world has several different types of environments and you can pretty much drop down anywhere. You can’t just wander around aimlessly though as there will be a toxic cloud that closes in on the island until it gets to a central part. By that time, the survivors should have all made their way there for a final showdown. To keep the game exciting and more challenging, there is a “fog of war” system in place where you can only see what’s in your cone of sight. This is so you can evade enemies if possible and they can do the same, so just be very wary of your environment and stay alert at all times.

Like most FREE TO PLAY games, there’s also a ton of unlocks that you’ll need to collect items and level up to get. For instance, you start with four animal types but can unlock more as your progress. There are also over 600 cosmetic items to earn from the shop. Of course, you can also do real money purchases as well and a Super Animal World Pass, which is basically a Season Pass that all other games have now. If you pay for the Season Pass, you can earn more items.

Super Animal Royale does require an account to play, but you can make one for free. This allows for cross save features as the game is also playable on PC, PlayStation, and XBOX. That means with one account, you can save progression across all platforms. There’s also crossplay against other platforms as well, but currently, if you want to play with your friends, you can only do so on the same platform, though that may change in the future. Speaking of which, game modes include Solo, Duos, and a team of 4.

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale is a super fun battle royale game that’s actually very good. It does mimic a lot of the gameplay elements we’ve come to love in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and other battle royale games but does so with a more simplistic, top-down setting. This in my opinion actually makes the game much easier to get into, especially for more casual players. This is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and the more you play, the better you’ll get. I don’t normally like the whole battle royale genre, but Super Animal Royale has me hooked.

Super Animal Royale is currently FREE TO PLAY on the Nintendo eShop.

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