How Can You Optimize Your Gaming Experience on Mac?

How Can You Optimize Your Gaming Experience on Mac?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might be looking for ways to optimize your computer for gaming so that you can play high-end games seamlessly. When you play games on your Mac quite regularly, you need to make sure that you also spend a good time maintaining your device so that it stays in shape for longer. 

Apple devices integrate some of the best hardware and software, and a little tweak can make it all good to go for gaming. So, let’s discuss what all you can do to improve your Mac performance so that you can play any kind of online game.

Enhance Graphics Performance with eGPU

If you add a graphics processor to your Mac, you will be able to improve its performance multifold. Your computer will perform better and will seamlessly support any VR Content, 3D games, and apps downloads. You can add an eGPU, but make sure that Mac devices with Intel Processor and Thunderbolt 3 ports support eGPU. 

To make your device compatible with eGPU, make sure that it’s running macOS Sierra 10.13.4 or the latest. An eGPU will also allow you to add VR apps and connect multiple monitors and displays to your Mac by connecting them directly to the eGPU. 

Tweak Your Software

Once you made modifications to the hardware components, it’s time to tweak the software to make it compatible with gaming. Learning some of these tips will enable you to improve your gaming experience on macOS. If you ever notice that your computer shuts off randomly, you need to check for the redundant apps and delete them instantly. 

Try to delete unnecessary apps and programs that you are not using as they might be consuming considerable storage on Mac’s hard drive. Keep track of your CPU usage to identify and delete resource-hungry apps as they might be eating up high system resources. Doing this, you will be able to improve the performance of your Mac computer. 

Disable Login items 

Several resource-heavy applications already installed on your system launch every time you start your device. They consume significant CPU and other system resources each time they activate. You may disable these login items from System Preferences and then navigate to Users & Groups and then Login Items. 

Check the apps that you do not use anymore and click on them one by one to disable them. After clicking on the app, press the – (minus) button available in the corner of the screen. Now, next time when you start your computer, these apps will not pop up and activate. 

Manage Screen Resolution

Everyone loves high-resolution games, and you sometimes need to manage your screen settings to make sure that you do not compromise with the graphics quality. You can select your Mac’s graphics settings by toggling between the high, medium, and low-resolution options.

If you are not able to open any game, click Finder and click on the game’s icon to launch it. Press Command + I keys on the keyboard and select Open in the Low Resolution option. If you are looking to play a high-end game that your system might not support otherwise, low-resolution settings will enable you to play it at an optimal speed. 

Run Windows via Boot Camp

Macs are amazing and give an optimal performance; however, Windows gives you comparatively more gaming options at an affordable price. You can install Windows on your Mac system using the built-in Boot Camp utility. With Windows, you will get better graphics, a higher frame rate, and more gaming options. 

The majority of high-end games run smoothly on Windows, and it’s easier to tweak Windows settings to make them more suitable for gaming. You can find a plethora of gaming options online, and you can select to play it on Mac or Windows, as per your preference. 

Use Wireless Keyboard

Wires sometimes hamper your gaming experience as you have to stick to your desk all the time to play your favorite game. Therefore, having a wireless keyboard and a Mouse is always recommended to take your gaming to the next level. Make sure to invest in a responsive, lightweight keyboard for gaming. 

A portable keyboard and mouse allow you to play your games from a reasonable distance which is good for your eyes and overall health. Try to buy peripherals that go well with all your Apple devices, including laptops and iPads, for an optimal experience. 

Play Browser Games

If you want to experience a smooth gaming experience without putting much load on your system, you can try playing browser games. They are lightweight, do not demand any additional resources, and load in less than a minute. All you need is to browse a lot of websites to find the right game that matches your taste and choices. 

As an avid game player, you might be visiting numerous websites in search of online games, updates, news, etc. If you find it difficult to visit some of the websites, you can try to clear DNS flush and then restart your computer to check if it works. 


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