PC Building Simulator Tips for that 5-Star Customer Rating

PC Building Simulator can be an incredibly punishing game. Beginners may wonder why it’s so hard to get a 5-star rating on jobs they take, but in actuality, it really isn’t that hard once you figure out the little nuances in the game. Here are some tips that make getting that elusive 5-star rating much easier:

  1. Use the proper cables. You’ll find that there are some jobs that are pretty straightforward while others require a little bit more. One of the easiest things to miss is when a customer asks for a specific type and color cable. Pay attention if they ask for plastic or braided cables as well as the specific color that they want. This can be the difference between a 4-star and a 5-star rating.
  2. Use new parts if they ask for them. Make sure that if a customer asks for shiny new parts, you give them shiny new parts. While it may seem like a good idea at the time to offload some of your used gear to customers, there are customers who really hate used parts. Again, this can seriously affect your star rating. Of special note, there is a Case bug right now where cases that include fans will have the fans listed as used for some unknown reason. Be prepared to remove those fans and replace them with new fans that you have purchased from the store. This will insure that all parts used are in fact, new.
  3. Clean computers really thoroughly. Customers will sometimes tell you that they think their PC is dirty or that their fans are clogged or that the PC feels hot. This usually means you have to give the computer a good cleaning when it gets to you. Cleaning doesn’t just meant using the air duster on it. I’ve found that to really get computers clean, you need to take them apart, mainly just the case, and dust filters that are on them, and even the PSU for good measure. If it has an AIO on it, take that off too just to be safe. Then go in with the air duster and make sure everything looks clean when you’re done. Then just put everything back together and you should be good.
  4. RUN the antivirus. Make a habit to just install and run the antivirus. Sometimes the customer will let you know that the computer is running slow or some dodgy sites keep popping up. That’s usually a sign to run the antivirus. Sometimes the won’t tell you, but if you run it, you’ll still find viruses. Just make a habit to do it and you won’t miss out on a 5-star.
  5. Stay within budget. Nothing peeves a customer more than when you go over budget. For the most part, it’s not very hard to stay within the budget as long as you choose the right parts. That leads into the next tip.
  6. Pick parts that the customer likes or is a fan of. Customers will sometimes tell you that their a fan of a specific brand or were recommended a brand by family or friends. That’s usually means you buy that part made by that brand. This will guarantee that you don’t miss out on the 5-star rating.
  7. Make use of all the apps. Will it Run and Parts Ranking are two of the most useful apps in the game. These will usually let you know what you’ll need exactly in your builds and upgrades as well which parts are better than what parts in case you aren’t too knowledgeable with your parts yet.
  8. Ship orders 2nd day. Don’t be afraid to ship parts 2nd day or same-day. While you will spend more in shipping, having the parts on had on the same day that the jobs and computers come, make managing your jobs so much easier.
  9. Finish jobs promptly. If possible, try to finish the jobs you get on the same day. Finishing jobs on the same day makes managing your tasks easier. Nothing is worse than managing too many jobs at once and possibly delivering a PC late to the customer.
  10. Save. Save. Save. Lastly, save after each day. This allows you to start a day over just in case you screw up one of your jobs. Starting a day over isn’t as bad as possible starting several days back, which can be a pain. Also it has been know for auto saves to become corrupt, so don’t rely on those.

That’s pretty much it for my tips on how to get that 5-star rating on each job. This is mainly important for unlocking several trophies that require your rating to be perfect. Also completely a job perfectly just makes you feel better and in some cases, at least teaches you to be more aware of details.


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