Angry Alligator is Available Now on Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Become the king of the swamps with Lion Castle and GS2 Games’ latest, Angry Alligator. In Angry Alligator, start off as a baby alligator on his journey to become a big, bad full-grown reptile and eat all that’s in your way. Players join a small hungry alligator on his quest to eat all that moves, and more, in order to grow big and strong. Lure birds, deers or even bears into your mighty jaws, or take it up against big bad boss beasts and pesky tourists. The fate of the swamp and all in, lies on your scaled shoulders.

Angry Alligator is a fun, colorful and semi-educational experience that shows you what life is like as an alligator. Explore a colorful and massive open-world full of creatures to meet and eat, and enjoy all nature has to offer! At least, the parts the humans haven’t polluted yet. Afraid this task is too much to ask for a tiny gobbler like yourself? Don’t worry. You’ll be guided by no other than the wisest of them all, Wisecroc, on your swampy path to gator greatness. Before you know it, you’ll be messing however you can with those pesky humans.

Angry Alligator is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $26.99.

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