Super Animal Royale’s Howloween Event Starts Today | Trailer

Super Animal Royale today is releasing a huge Halloween-themed update that kicks off a limited-time event. The festivities begin when the update arrives at 12 p.m. PT on all platforms. The event’s highlight is the new limited-time mode: “The Bwoking Dead.”

The undead poultry-themed infection mode supports 40 players in squads of four. Each match begins with 4 random players being infected with “The Cluckles,” an incurable condition that, unbeknownst to their teammates, will shortly transform them into ravenous rotting chickens. The Cluckles has its upsides, however: Zombie Chickens have supernatural speed, hearing and infectious chicken scratchers ready to bring every remaining Super Animal on the island into the bwoking horde. Survivors can loot, shoot, hide or group up with other squads to avoid being infected and catch the Giant Eagle for a ride out of the chaos.

Beyond the new game mode, the special event adds a candy corn currency scattered across the island that players can collect and spend on limited-time cosmetics. There’s a total of 8 new items this year, and 19 returning legacy items from previous years. There are also two new Super Animal Breeds to unlock in the game’s Research Lab: the Super Night Mare (a fiery horse to haunt your dreams) and the Super Calavera Skullcat.

The Super Animal World map sees the addition of Pixile Port, which replaces the S.A.W. Shipyards and gives the eastern shoreline a major point of interest. You can use shipping containers as cover, hide inside warehouses, fight in wide-open parking lots, and visit the lighthouse just off the coast.

The update also includes a long list of quality-of-life improvements and game balancing changes.

The game is available on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, all with cross-play matchmaking and cross-save account syncing.

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