Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut | Nintendo Switch Review

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Clifftop Games and Raw Fury’s Kath Rain originally saw release back in 2016 on PC and later for Android and iOS. It was received quite favorable amongst critics, which is probably why five years later, we’re seeing a Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut. Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut expands upon the original in almost every way. There’s an extended storyline with a new ending, new areas to explore, new dialog, improved art, controller support, and more. Basically, if you are a fan of Kathy Rain or have always wanted to play it, this is the version you need to check out.

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is a point-and-click adventure-mystery game set in the ’90s. You play as the titular character, Kathy Rain, a college student who has returned back to her hometown of Conwell Springs due to the death of her grandfather. While her visit there was just to attend a funeral, she soon discovers that there are plenty of questions surrounding his death and embarks on a journey to discover the truth of the secrets the town and its residents are hiding.

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Originally conceived as a game using a mouse pointer and later touch Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut now has full controller support thanks in part to now being on the Nintendo Switch. It can be played via the Joy-cons or with a regular controller. The controls are pretty self-explanatory and aren’t too difficult to learn. It is interesting how they dealt with the “pointing-and-click” aspect of the game using the joysticks. If you click the left joystick and hold it down, you can see all the areas you can interact with. The right joystick lets you select specific points of interest and if you press the right trigger, you’ll interact with those. It’s a pretty good solution instead of just having some sort of floating pointer. Of course, if you wanted to, you can just go full touch as the Nintendo Switch version also supports touch controls.

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Moving on, the graphics in this game are quite good. They are very retro and remind me of point-and-click games from the past, such as King’s Quest. Character designs are very detailed as are all the environments. What I’m also really liking is the full voiceovers here for the dialog. While most of these games in the past were mainly all text-based, having full voices makes the experience so much more immersive and interesting.

Now in terms of the storyline and gameplay, Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is pretty much everything you’d expect from a point-and-click adventure. There’s a really deep story here and a mystery that needs solving. The character herself also seems fairly likable so it just makes playing the game more inviting. Playing the game is also a pretty nice experience. Think of it as an interactive book. You just follow along with the story and when it needs your interactions, you give it. Tap on anything that can be tapped and look at all the clues and items you gather. I do also like the puzzle elements in the game which is also classic point-and-click. Some puzzles require items you find and some items can be combined with each other.

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Overall, despite the original Kathy RAin being an older game, Kathy RAin: Director’s Cut is still a fantastic experience for those who want to experience it again or for those who haven’t. I’m of the latter group and found the story and overall game quite good. The exploration elements and puzzle elements are neat and I just couldn’t wait to continue on with the story whenever I had to stop. That’s a good sign for a game that is so stories dependant.

Kath Rain: Director’s Cut is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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