Withings ScanWatch is a Classically Styled Hybrid Wearable for Healthy Living | Review

Withings ScanWatch

Thanks to the Apple Watch and the Fitbit, smartwatches, and health trackers are still a big deal. Not only are we able to keep track of all our daily activity, workouts, and health-related metrics, but we can also use them for other things like phone notifications and even apps. However, not everyone likes the look of a smartwatch or health tracker and would rather still wear a classically designed watch. I can see why as I still think that a traditional watch still looks much better and more classic than a watch with a blank screen. That’s probably why Withings chose to make a traditional watch with “smart” features and health tracking and they’ve been doing so for quite some time now. Their latest, the Withings ScanWatch takes what they’ve learned over the years and perfects that formula with a device that not only comprehensively tracks a ton of different health metrics, but is also now FDA approved for ECG and SpO2 levels.

Withings ScanWatch


This is where the Withings ScanWatch really differentiates itself from all the other health trackers and smartwatches out there. At a quick glance, it just looks like a regular analog watch. You can get it with either a white face or a black face. We chose to go with white which has silver minute marks and hands. The watch face has a really nice super polished ring around it and the body is made of stainless steel (316L). There is nothing plastic on the body at all, so this is a very solid and quality feeling product. Even the glass is top-notch as it is made with premium Sapphire glass.

You can choose to go with a 38mm or 42mm body. The 38mm can be had in either a silver body or rose gold one. 42mm only comes in silver.

Withings ScanWatch

On this particular watch, it came with a black high-performance fluoroelastomer wristband with solid metal buckles. However, if you wanted to, you can also order it with different ones, such as a leather one, recycled PET, and even an Oyster metal link one. For the 42mm watch, the wristbands are all 20mm in size. If you go for the smaller 38mm watch, there are a bit more watchbands to choose from that are a little more stylish and colorful. These are 18mm in size. You can however use any 3rd party wristband.

Back to the watch, there’s only one button here and it’s part of the digital crown. It’s a large digital crown which makes it very easy to use and has a very nice feel when rotating it. On the watch face, you’ll find a PMOLED screen at the top which will show you all your vital health information when selected. For the most part, it stays black unless you wake it, to conserve power.

Other than that, it’s a beautifully designed watch that’s very elegant and handsome. You will not be embarrassed wearing this.

Withings ScanWatch


The Withings ScanWatch isn’t all beauty with no bite. This thing is actually packed with advanced tech and sensors to monitor just about every health-related bit you want metrics on. The ScanWatch features the following:

  • medical-grade electrocardiogram in 30 seconds
  • medical-grade oxygen saturation levels (SpO2)
  • proactive heart scanning for irregular heartbeats
  • respiratory scan and breathing disturbance detection
  • sleep analysis with Sleep Score metrics
  • automatically tracks walk, run, swim, and biking
  • multi-sport tracking with continuous HR, Connected GPS, Fitness Level
  • altimeter to track floor climbs
  • MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

On the back, you’ll see the three sensors in the middle. These are the multi-wavelength PPG sensors. The ECG Electrodes are actually built all around the watch, which there are three of them. This is why you have to use both hands when taking ECG readings in order to close the electrical loop. More on that later.

Last up, the battery in the Withings ScanWatch can last up to 30 days depending on usage and features activated.

Withings ScanWatch


In order to properly use the Withings ScanWatch, you’re going to have to download the Health Mate app which is available on both iOS and Android. This app will manage all key aspects of your health and show detailed information on all metrics collected. You will also use the app to customize whether or not the ScanWatch can receive notifications and what types.

In terms of usage, you don’t really need to interact too much with the ScanWatch, unless you’re proactively conducting a manual test. It will track steps and sleep automatically and you can also set it to track your breathing automatically as well. This also goes for heartbeats. What you will need to measure manually is the ECG and that has to be done with both hands and while you’re sitting very still. Workouts also should be entered manually at the start of each one. Other than that, most things are done automatically.

I’ve been wearing the Withings ScanWatch for about 2-weeks straight now and have only taken it off to shower. For the most part, it’s been very comfortable to wear, though it is a bit heavier than some other watches I’ve looked at. The wristband seems to hold up to abuse, though I do give it a good cleaning every few days. The battery on it seems to last and I only charged it up once when I first got it. For the two weeks, it’s currently sitting at 28% as of this writing. Notifications also seem to work from other apps if you have it set and the vibrations are gentle and not overly powerful as to be jarring.

I will say, I’ve received several compliments about how nice the watch looks.

Anyways, the accuracy of readings and measurements seems to be fine. None of the readings I’ve gotten seem out of the ordinary so I’ll just assume that they’re correct. Even the sleep measurements seem fairly good and accurate.

Withings ScanWatch


I’m really enjoying the Withings ScanWatch. By that I mean I love the classic look of it and the fact that it just looks like a regular watch. I don’t have to worry about finding a watch face I like or some that might realistically simulate what a real analog face looks like. This one already looks great. I may swap the wristband out later to something a bit more traditional, like a leather band or a Nato strap for everyday use.

Aside from the looks, the ScanWatch does everything I want a health-oriented watch to do. It tracks all the metrics I”m interested in tracking, and what it doesn’t track, I can still enter into the Health Mate app manually. The app also allows syncing of dating between Google Fit and other popular apps like MyFitnessPal.Lastly, I think it’s pretty neat that you can save your details to a PDF file so that it can be given to your health provider in case any of the readings you feel look suspect and need to be checked on.

So is the Withings ScanWatch my new favorite watch? I’d have to say so. I can honestly say that I am blown away by its looks and just the overall feel of the watch. It screams high-end with the use of high-quality materials and is what I used to look for in a regular watch. This one just so happens to also be a health tracker.

The Withings ScanWatch is officially available starting today, November 9th priced at $279.99(38mm) and $299.99 (42 mm).


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