Second Gaming PC Build That’s a Bit More Flashy and Mainstream

Shawn's Build

You’ll probably notice that we are featuring a bit more PC games here now and that’s mainly because I’ve gotten into PC gaming myself. After building my first gaming PC, which you can view here and the update here, my cousin too wanted a new gaming PC so that we could play together. So with that, we gathered up all the parts we could that were on sale this holiday and he was even able to score an RTX 3060 Ti at a fairly reasonable price.

Since I’m the type who does not really like building the same thing twice or having someone copy a build exactly, we chose a slightly different route for his build. You can check out the parts list below.

Shawn's Build


Many of these parts were purchased from Amazon, with a few from Best Buy. Whoever had the best prices at the time basically got the business. The links below are from Amazon.

As you can see, we went with many MSI parts this time around, mainly just to match up with the GPU. As much as we would have also liked to go MSI with the motherboard, he couldn’t find one at his budget at the time, so he went with the ASUS TUF-Gaming B550, the same board I also used. It made installation slightly easier as we already knew what to do this one and where to plug everything into.

Shawn's Build

He also wanted to go with a much bigger case, just in case he had any plans for future upgrades. Plus the larger case made things a bit easier to work on. The case is a Zalman Z3 Iceberg with decent cooling and cable management in the rear. The tempered glass side panel was also a must for him. One small issue we ran into however is due to the way the fans are made here, the use of several hubs was necessary which caused a bit of a nest in the back, due to extra cabling needed that otherwise wouldn’t have been needed.

Once all the panels are one though, you can’t really see the cables anymore so no big deal. He was happy with just having it look super clean in the front where you could see everything. This build went fairly smoothly and he’s now able to game on PC in 2K and high framerate.

UPDATE: There were two additions made after I had completed this post. Mainly a second SanDisk 1TB NVMe SSD was put in as a storage drive and another 16GB RAM was installed to make it a total of 32GB RAM.

If you have any questions about this build, please leave a comment below and we’ll definitely try to answer them as best we can. Thanks!

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