FarCry 6 on PC Has an Annoying Controller Bug – Here’s One Way How to Fix It

Farcry 6

I know when you’re on PC, you’re supposed to play with a keyboard and mouse. However, I’m coming from years of being a console player, so using a controller at the moment just seems more natural to me until I get used to the mouse and keyboard layout. Until then, I’m playing a lot of first-person shooters with a controller. While this has been great so far, it seems that FarCry 6, Ubisoft’s latest in the Farcry series, has a serious bug when it comes to using a controller. Mainly, it is impossible to ADS (aim down sights) and shoot at the same time.

This obviously is a huge problem as it makes it impossible to shoot enemies from afar if you’re only able to hip fire. It seems that others have this very same problem, yet there is no official fix from Ubisoft right now.

Farcry 6

However, there seems to be an odd fix for this that players have discovered and it involves adding the game to your STEAM library. FarCry 6 normally has to be launched from Ubisoft Connect app, but if you add it to your STEAM library by adding a non-STEAM game, it seems to totally fix the issue.

Upon launching the game, it’ll say something about config files on the local machine being different than what’s on the cloud. I just downloaded the one from the cloud.

After that, just launch your game and the controller should magically start working correctly.


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