Rubber Bandits Is Available Now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation Consoles | Trailer

Rubber Bandits by Flashbulb Games is a physics-based multiplayer, party brawler featuring a variety of ridiculous game modes sure to liven up any party. Game modes include Heist, Brawl, and Arcade. Make your getaway with the most loot (and come back to bust your foes) in Heist mode, beat everyone else to a pulp and be the last one standing in Brawl mode, and play solo or co-op against the AI to reach the end in Arcade mode.

There are a variety of different characters you can choose from as well as different power-ups and unique weapons you can use. Take on 25 colorfully exciting levels featuring classic heist locations like banks, museums, and the mean streets. Collaborate with your partners in crime in online and local multiplayer for up to four bandits, with full crossplay between all platforms.

Rubber Bandits is available now for $19.99 with a bonus 10% launch discount on Steam for a limited time, plus an exclusive bandit for those who buy the game on any platform in its first week. Rubber Bandits is also free to download on Xbox and PC today with Xbox Game Pass.

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