Model Builder is a Virtual Hobby Simulator Coming to PC on February 8, 2022 | Trailer

Since there’s a simulator game for virtually everything now, why not a model-building one? Model Builder is coming to PC on February 8, 2022 and will bring the joys of scale model building to everyone. Brought to you by Green Man Gaming Publishing and developed by Moonlit S.A., Model Builder will let you build to your heart’s content without all the clutter.

Many exciting new features have already been added in preparation for the launch, all of which add another layer of complexity, realism and most importantly, fun to Model Builder’s gameplay. One such addition is Quick Assembly, a feature that allows players to simply click a button and connect the next piece of the model, making the process more accessible while still remaining true to the feel of being a real model builder. 

As well as new gameplay features and improvements, no model building simulator would be complete without a portfolio of exciting and varied models to build! Model Builder features a full roster of vehicles, historical memorabilia, figures and pop culture icons for players to cut out, assemble and paint. These include the classic British Spitfire, Dwarf Cleric miniature, post apocalyptic Wasteland Drifter, the French light infantry R35 Tank, Type VIIC German submarine, fearsome Oriental Dragon and a C64 Warcrawler Steampunk Bot. New models recently added include the anime inspired Gunbot Hyperion Mech and Akira style Baiku vehicle, as well as the beautiful Warthog Express, all of which will no doubt take pride of place in the play

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