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Halo Infinite

Here’s what you need to know about Halo Infinite. The base game is free. By that, I mean everything except for the campaign mode is free. You’ll be able to play multiplayer free of charge aside from any in-app purchases you might decide to buy. If you want to play the campaign, it will be $59.99 and it’s available now for everyone. This post here isn’t about the campaign however and is instead about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode which is what most people will end up picking the game up for anyways.

Like I stated above, what makes Halo Infinite Multiplayer so attractive is the fact that it is completely free to play. There’s nothing here hiding behind a paywall, and the only thing you’ll be spending money on here is for a Season Pass and cosmetics. These obviously are not needed at all to play multiplayer nor are they needed to be competitive. The Season Pass is mainly all cosmetic items you can unlock so you’re not really missing much if all you want to do is shoot stuff.

In multiplayer, there are mainly three main modes – Big Team Battle, your standard 4v4 matches, and Ranked Arena. My favorite of the bunch is Big Team Battles, mainly because of how many players are on the map. This just makes things a bit more hectic, especially during the more objective-based modes. 4v4 is okay, but sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be as much action going on and I find that I die way too much in these modes for it to be fun.

Starting off with Big Team Battles, there are four different game types of 12v12 – Total Control, Stockpile, CTF, and Slayer. Slayer is just straight-up team deathmatch. Total Control has you capturing points while Stockpile has you bringing back “seeds” to place in your base. Those are probably my two favorite modes. CTF (capture the flag) is okay, but not really my favorite on big team maps.

With 4v4, it’s only really fun if you play with a squad of friends. Playing with randoms here can be disastrous especially if no one is on comms. I mostly avoid this mode unless I have a full squad of buddies playing or at least one other friend. This way we can at least talk about some tactics.

I will say though, I am overall pleased with the way multiplayer works in Halo Infinite. I like that there is a visual representation of when hits occur on the enemy and when their shields are down with the red shields around them. This helps tremendously with knowing just how much “health” they have left. Gunplay however is just sort of so so, depending on the weapons you use. Most of the Marine weapons are pretty good, while the Covenant energy weapons are a bit hit or miss. The only ones that are satisfying are the Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword. I also love the use of new gadgets, such as the grappling hook which adds more strategy to the game.

Is multiplayer perfect? Far from it. They need to introduce some new game modes and I wish there was a way to view all the different little medals you earn during your matches as a whole and how many times you’ve received them. I just want more info collecting like in the old days. That was Halo at its peak.

I’m sure 343 and Microsoft will continue updating Halo Infinite multiplayer with new features and game modes, but until then, I still have a good old time playing it.

What do you guys think about it? Leave a comment below.

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