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Clid the Snail

Clid the Snail is an oddly themed game from developer Weird Beluga Studios. I mean it’s not totally out there though as we’ve seen a game before about an earthworm. Anyways, Clid the Snail is a tale about a snail that just doesn’t want to sit back and let the evil slugs take over the world. Instead, he wants to be out there on the front lines eradicating the slugs before they come for him. Although his very own colony of snails has exiled him from taking things into his own hands, he’ll still do whatever it takes to help them. Clid the Snail is a top-down twin-stick shooter featuring anamorphic animals in a world not dissimilar from ours. Just on a smaller scale.

The first thing that caught my eye about Clid the Snail was the overall art style. The environments themselves look really good, especially with the use of real-world human objects thrown into this miniature world. You see stuff like car batteries, old computers, SD cards, matches, etc. and they’re all in human size. It’s just neat the way they integrated that stuff into this world, where I assume humans no longer exist. The only issue I have with the art is that the colors just all seem kind of muted and dull. I know it’s kind of an apocalyptic world in a sense, but the game could use some more colors.

Clid the Snail

Next up is the gameplay which isn’t too bad at all. It’s a twin-stick style shooter so the left stick is to move and the right stick is to aim. Shoot with the right trigger. It’s pretty simple and isn’t hard to pick up. You do have the use of other weapons such as proximity mines and grenades as well as other main weapons that you pick up along the way. You can not jump in the game, but you can do a roll which somehow lets you roll over small gaps that you would normally need to jump over.

Aside from the combat, there are also puzzle elements in the game. Mainly these have to do with these laser-type traps that you must figure out how to circumvent, either by turning them off or finding ways around them, or using them. They’re not very difficult to figure out and it does add another element to the game.

Clid the Snail

However, the action in Clid the Snail can be a bit slow at times. Where most twin-stick shooters see constant action, this game has periods of time where there’s no action at all. Also, the pacing of the story can be a bit slow, especially with the narration. Because it uses jibberish language, you still have to sit there and read the actual text, which you can do faster than they speak. I mean it’s neat that they have voice audio for this, but I wish they just did it in English, this way I could just listen to what’s going on instead of having to constantly read the text.

Clid the Snail has its high points and low points. It’s a great-looking game artistically, but the color pallet could be a bit brighter and more varied. In terms of gameplay, it’s fairly solid in its mechanics, but the action could be tweaked and ramped up a bit as the battles are a bit too spread out. Boss battles aren’t bad though and can be pretty challenging. I’d say the reason to stay though is the story as you, where you hope Clid can rid the world of the slug plague.

Clid the Snail is available now on Steam.

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