DIG1T – Not Like Sudoku | Mobile Review

DIG!T - Not like Sudoku

DIG!T – Not like Sudoku is a minimalistic logic game by Johannes Buawnwein. It’s all about numbers here and how to get the empty boxes to correspond with the given number pattern on each level. The rules are simple but the challenge is great and as you progress, it will challenge you mentally while also relaxing you with its laid-back attitude.

The game seems simple enough. You just tap on the empty box to cycle through the numbers so that it will match the boxes shown above it. If you tap on a box adjacent to one that has a number, they both cycle 1 number higher. When you start off with one and two boxes, it’s simple, but when you start adding more boxes, that’s when things get complicated and challenging.

Graphically, DIG!T – Not Like Sudo is a simple-looking game. Nice bright colors and minimalistic UI. Basically, it’s free from distractions so you can concentrate on the puzzle.

Overall, not a bad game at all. It might look simple and might seem simple at first, but it’s anything but that. You’ll soon appreciate just how challenging it really is. DIG!T – Not Like Sudoku is free with no ads. That’s a great price for a game that will surely help you eat up time if you have time to spare. You can download DIG!T – Not Like Sudoku on Android or iOS.


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