WRC 10: The Official Game – First 20 Minutes of Career Mode and Impressions | PC Review

A lot of racing games these days include full career modes now that isn’t just about racing. WRC 10: The Official Game for instance includes a career mode that also includes management of every detail of your team such as the hiring of your crew, acceptance of sponsors, managing your budget, and choosing what events or activities happen daily. These are really deep games now that go beyond just racing. It’s an all-inclusive experience now, though if you want to just race you can do that too.

My last experience with the WRC series came with WRC 9 on the Nintendo Switch. While that was a really good experience, it did have its drawbacks with that platform. Mainly, the graphics are quite as good as they should be and the controls are as great as they could be. The fact that the Switch does not have analog triggers makes driving a slightly more difficult experience when it comes to accurate control. So with WRC 10, I’ve now moved over to PC and the differences are nearly night and day. More on that in a bit.

I should note that I’m playing on a rig with an AMD 5600G, 32GB RAM, and an RTX 3070.

For starters, let’s talk about what’s the same. The underlying game itself is still the same and is what makes the WRC series so good. This is still one of THE rally racing games to get no matter what platform you are playing it on. Though the game may be similar to its predecessor, there have been some marked improvements that make WRC 10 the best of the bunch.

WRC 10

The physics, which has already been praised by critics and drivers, has been further improved to offer players an even more realistic experience. Control of aerodynamic forces, the turbo and braking have received particular attention on all surfaces, so that WRC 10 recreates ever more accurate and intense driving sensations. Career mode has also been improved with a new livery editor and the chance to create your own team. You can now apply your own colors to championship cars to complement the 52 official teams of the 2021 season.

Graphically, there’s no comparison between what I was seeing on the Nintendo Switch and what I’m seeing now on PC. The graphics are so much better here especially with the settings turned all the way up. Everything looks so much more realistic and I don’t think I can go back to playing on anything less now, though being able to take the game on the go with the Switch was a plus.

WRC 10: The Official Game

Control on the PC is also much better as I’m now using an Xbox Series X|S compatible controller with real analog triggers. Inputs are so much more exact and I can actually control my speeds and braking so much better now. I however have not yet tried to play this with an actual steering wheel and pedal setup yet. All I can say though is that driving in WRC 10 doesn’t seem that difficult anymore and I finally feel like I have way more control of the cars now.

Aside from the racing, the game is also a management sim in which you must manage your race team. That means hiring and replacing team personnel, research and development, making your sponsors happy by completing objectives and managing the team calendar. The R&D section does feel like an RPG though where you level up and gain experience and money. Leveling up allows you to put your points into areas you want to improve while the money is used to repair your vehicles and pay crew members. Everything you do here can affect your team.

There are other modes if you don’t want to participate in a career. You can take part in a Season, which doesn’t require crew management. There’s Quick Play if you just want to dice into a race. There’s Training if you want to hone your skills, and then there’s a Challenge mode where you accept challenges in vehicles selected for you.

WRC 10: The Official Game

WRC 10 is the best I’ve tried of the series so far. That could also be because I’m playing it on PC now which offers a much better experience and graphics than what I was getting on the Nintendo Switch. The looks make a huge difference and so does being able to use a proper controller. If you have to ability to, I would totally recommend picking this up on PC. If not, I’m sure the next-gen console versions of this game on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S would just as satisfying.

WRC 10: The Official Game is available now on Steam as well as physically on other platforms.

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