Unpacking is a Game About Unboxing All Your Stuff | PC Review


Unpacking is an award-winning and critically acclaimed zen puzzle game from developer Witch Beam. Unpacking is a game that is exactly what it sounds like, a game about unpacking your stuff into a new home. We all know what it’s like to unpack boxes filled with our possessions, whether it be moving into a new dorm room, apartment, or home. We also know what it’s like trying to find the right spot for all our stuff and how much we accumulate over the years. It seems like the more we move, the more boxes we have. Unpacking is exactly that experience.

Unpacking isn’t a typical game. It’s more of an experience though there are puzzle-like aspects to it. Mainly stuff has its place. You can place most of your stuff wherever you want, just so long it’s in the right room. For instance, your toothbrush and toothpaste belong in the bathroom and not your bedroom. Clothing belongs in the closet and not the kitchen. It’s just basic stuff like that. You’ll know if something is placed in the room and area if there’s a red outline around that object when you’re done unpacking everything.

Speaking of which, the unpacking experience is just you, opening up your boxes, and then pulling items out to place around your room. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to unbox more and more boxes and arrange more and more stuff. This is typical of real-life whereas we grow older and move from place to place, we seem to accumulate more and more things.

What I really like though is the art style. It’s done up in a pixel art style and each room you’re presented with is very bright and colorful. The art is very good and pretty realistic for pixel art. Think The Sims, but without your annoying Sim getting in the way.


Another aspect of the game I really like is that there’s a story here, even though none is really presented to you. You’re basically looking in on someone’s life throughout the years. You’re looking at where they’ve been, what type of stuff they’ve been collecting, and what they’ve left behind. It’s an interesting look into the personal life of someone that could be you or me. The only thing that’s weird is that there’s no choice between a male or female character. I’m assuming you play as a female because of the feminine products you have to put away.

Anyways, Unpacking is a relaxing experience with no timers, no points to worry about, and no annoying conversations. It’s just you and your stuff. Unpacking is definitely worth your time to check out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This is a game the whole family can really enjoy.

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