The Pedestrian is a Different Kind of Puzzle Game | Review

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer from developer Skookum Arts. The game was already released in the past on other platforms but has recently been released on PC and Xbox as part of the Game Pass program. Anyways, The Pedestrian is a really unique puzzle game based on signs in which your little stick figure character must solve and navigate in order to make it to the next sign.

The Pedestrian starts off in what appears to be some kind of office building. Each sign you encounter and pass takes you to new places, farther and farther away from your original start point. You end up in places like a factory, a warehouse, the basement, a subway station, and eventually out into the city. All environments are rendered in full 3D, though the puzzles themselves are completely in 2D and exist solely on the signs. The graphics are actually really good with the city environments being fairly realistic while the signs themselves actually look like signs. It’s a good-looking game for sure.

What makes The Pedestrian so intriguing and hard to put down are the fantastically challenging puzzles. Most of the puzzles require that you connect doors and ladders to each other on different signs in order to get from point A to point B. As easy as it sounds, it isn’t because you have to take into consideration items like buttons that need to be pressed, lasers that need to be avoided, and objects that need to be collected to move on to the next puzzle.

The Pedestrian

The difficulty really ramps up the further into the game you get and the early levels do a good job of easing you into what needs to be done. The game doesn’t spoon-feed you either with hints or cheats, so you’re really on your own to figure things out. That makes The Pedestrian super challenging in the later parts, but it really makes you think and strategize what you need to do. The puzzles are very well done and despite the difficulty, the game has me coming back for more.

So should you give The Pedestrian a playthrough? I would say very much so. This is a very unique game with puzzles that are very well made. The challenge is definitely there for those who love difficult puzzle games, but even beginners will appreciate how unique The Pedestrian is. If you have Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, downloading is a no-brainer. This is certainly a gem within the Game Pass library and one you shouldn’t miss.

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