DYSMANTLE the World and Survive With Your Trusty Crowbar | Review


DYSMANTLE is the latest open-world action RPG from indie developer,10tons. The game is currently out for all consoles and PC, but just recently became available for Nintendo Switch. This review is based on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. In DYSMANTLE, you play as a survivor in an apocalyptic world. The premise is very simple, break anything you can find, collect the materials from them, and craft items for survival. Despite the simplicity of the goal, DYSMANTLE is quite deep and you’ll find yourself spending hours just breaking stuff and upgrading gear and stats in order to have a better chance of survival.

Gameplay from the Early Access Steam version.

In terms of gameplay, DYSMANTLE is pretty straightforward. Breaking stuff (aka. ruining everything) is just one aspect of the game and so is crafting and leveling up. Another aspect of the game is just exploration and opening up the world in general. Exploring could mean entering new areas, going into abandoned buildings, and even just exploring the woods. This will help you find the materials you need for crafting, upgrading, and leveling. Exploration also comes with dangers as there will be infected creatures roaming the land that you will either need to run away from or engage and defeat.


I will say that the movement and controls in this game aren’t quite as fluid as in some of their previous games. Your survivor is kind of slow and attacks can be a bit clunky. Not really sure if switching to their more traditional twin-stick layout would have helped things, but there isn’t even an option to try that. Not to say that the control are terrible, but they just don’t feel as responsive as their previous games.

Aside from that, you’ll find DYSMANTLE to be a fairly deep game. Like a lot of these survival-type games, there’s a lot to do. When you’re not fighting infected you can also partake in other activities such as hunting, fishing, and farming. These are things that have to be unlocked while you progress through the game. Progression however seems pretty natural so you won’t have an issue there.


This is 10tons first foray into this type of game and DYSMANTLE is a good first outing. They put a lot of thought into the type they wanted to create and for the most part, they’ve achieved their goal. There’s a good chunk of exploration, action, crafting, and making your character stronger. You can see how they combined a lot of different ideas from other games too into this one and somehow, they work together, cohesively. While DYSMANTLE might not be as graphically appealing as some other games, I think it looks good enough for the type of game it is. So with that said, DYSMANTLE looks to be another winner for 10tons and the Nintendo Switch version of the game seems to be just as good as its console and PC counterparts.

DYSMANTLE is available now on Nintendo Switch for pre-order and will launch on March 31, 2022.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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