New Bee LC-B41 Bluetooth Headset | Review

New Bee LC-B41

Remember the days when you used to see everyone walking around with their little Bluetooth headsets sticking out of one ear, which made them look like crazy people because it looked like they were talking to themselves? Well, it’s not so crazy anymore as times have changed and lots of people now wear wireless earbuds in their ears and do the same exact thing we used to make fun of. Anyways, retro always comes back into style, and instead of looking like everyone else, why not bring back the golden age of Bluetooth headsets and check out the New Bee LC-B41 V5.0 Wireless Headset that has old-school looks combined with new-school tech.

Obviously, the first thing you’ll notice is that this is a very retro design. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like this since the early 2010’s. Back then, they had this stigma about them where most thought that people who wore them were “can’t say the word here“. Despite the fact that they were pretty useful, your average person wouldn’t be caught wearing them in public. It’s 2022 now and pretty much everyone has something like an Airpod or some copy of it sticking out of their ear. “Bee” different.

The New Bee LC-B41 looks like an average Bluetooth headset. Except for the fact that you can connect a second earpiece to it to make it a stereo headset. Other than that, it looks very much, retro. It’s got buttons for adjusting volume and an on/off switch. You even pick up calls or play/pause music by tapping on the face of it like a huge button. There are various sized earpieces for you to put on and earloops to keep them from falling off your ear.


  • CVC 6.0 Handsfree Talking] New bee hands-free headsets employs CVC 6.0 technology. The sound whilst on a call will be clear, both for you and the other end.
  • [Long Lasting Battery Life] Only 2-3h charge time, 22h music time, 24h talk time, 60 days standby. The wireless headset takes little time to charge but can last for all days. Meets the need for daily use.
  • [Comfortable Wearing Design] Lightweight New Bee B41 bluetooth headset (12g) does not cause any burden to your ears, thus providing lasting wearing comfort, good for drivers or businessmen; 360 adjustable earbud fits perfectly for your left or right ear. Three optional ear tips included; small, medium, and large, choose the most comfortable earbuds to fit in either ear.

Back then, these Bluetooth headsets only allowed for use while on a call. Which made them not very useful for anything else. That’s not the case anymore. The New Bee LC-B41 also allows for media playback such as music and videos. You’ll need to wear both earpieces to get the full stereo effect, but you can just wear one if that’s what you want. The sound is okay but mostly pushes just mids and highs. Bass isn’t very good on them, but I wasn’t really expecting much in terms of bass. These are mainly great for audio chats and the occasional watching of videos or music on your phone.

New Bee LC-B41

So who is the New Bee LC-B41 Bluetooth Headset for? I’d say these are great for those who talk on the phone a lot and would rather be handsfree. These are also great for those who just use their phones to watch TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, YouTube, etc. These are not going to be good for audiophiles looking for the best sound quality for their tunes. As long as you understand this, the New Bee LC-B41 could be the perfect wireless headset for you if you want something retro-looking with updated tech and doesn’t look like anything else out there right now.

You can grab the New Bee LC-B41 here on their website and use the code “SAM20” for 20% off your purchase. Or you can grab it from our Amazon link below and get additional savings.


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