Tentacular is a Must-Have on Quest 2 | VR Review


Tentacular is the latest virtual reality title from Devolver Digital and Firepunch’d, now available on Meta Quest and Steam VR. It’s a light-hearted game about a tentacled creature trying to find his place in the world. Basically, it’s your 16th birthday and your sister lays a doozy on you. You’re adopted, and you’re not even human! To top it off, the Mayor of La Kalma wants to see you, now that you’re 16. You’ve become an official citizen of the town but need to find your place in it and figure out what you can do to become a useful member of society.

I won’t say more than that about the story as I don’t like spoiling things for you. Just know that everything about this game is fun, including the story.

Gameplay is where Tentacular shines and it makes full use of what virtual reality has to offer. While you might think that picking up objects and interacting with things might be simple because it’s VR, think again. These aren’t hands you’re using. These are tentacled arms. You basically grab onto objects with your suckers which makes interactions quite interesting. It’s similar to something like Surgeon Simulator, but not quite as difficult. VR does make it easier than using a controller, but octopus arms are still not quite as exact as real hands. The inexactness however is what makes the game so fun.


I’m also really loving the art style in Tentacular. We have a bit of realism sprinkled with cartoon fun. The environments are modeled after real-life, though a bit more colorful and the people you encounter look like little cartoon characters of “chibi-style” humans. I like that they took a fun approach to this game and made it feel more lighthearted. This is a game that will definitely appeal to players of all ages based on the look and my daughter really loved how cute everything looked.

Not only are the visuals fun, but the audio in the game is also fun as well. All the characters speak in some made-up gibberish language, but it works for this game and adds to the overall appeal.

Lastly, I like that there is a story attached to all the mayhem. You get to become emotionally attached to your character as well as the people of the town.


So with that said, I would say Tentacular is a must-buy on the Meta Quest and on Steam VR. I would probably choose the Quest version mainly so the game is installed on the headset and doesn’t require tethering to your computer. This allows for more freedom of where you can play it. Tentacular is a really fun game and is basically like an open sandbox playground. You can totally follow along with the story or go completely off the rails and just mess around. It’s really fun either way and you’ll love just how much there is to do in the game.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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