NeonLore Available Now on Consoles


Indie developer, Playstige Interactive announced the release of their free-form exploration game, NeonLore, on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. NeonLore is a first-person free-form exploration game. You’ll meet interesting characters and discover what has happened to the human race in the near future. 

In NeonLore, you will solve puzzles and encounter various characters and learn about their past life, dreams and fears. Get a chance to discover deeper about the social transformations that have impacted human life in the 21st century.

Roam along the neon-soaked streets and discover what the world has become, how life goes on in a world of intriguing fusion of chaos and technological advancement. 


  • Discover the world at your own pace.
  • No failing or quests, you decide about how you explore the world.
  • Beautiful, cyberpunk themed environments.
  • Meet 40 different characters and learn about their backgrounds.
  • Get access to 4 different audiobooks that contain 4 different cyber-punk themed novels, written exclusively for this game by sci-fi authors. Listen to them while continuing to explore the vistas…
  • Relaxing and exciting cyberpunk themed soundtrack.

NeonLore is available now for $5.99.


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