RIP Brave Frontier | Mobile

Brave Frontier

I wasn’t prepared for this, though I had a feeling this was going to happen. After 9 long years, Brave Frontier is finally shutting down. This is a game I consistently played on my phone for a good portion of the time it’s been available and today as I went to go boot it up, I got the notice that the game is now officially closed.

Sad times because I literally had hundreds, if not thousands of hours in this game with tons of characters unlocked. I kinda knew this might happen as the game hadn’t seen any new content updates in quite some time, but sort of hoped that it was just a long vacation they were taking before introducing something new. That wasn’t the case and now, I’ll need to find a new game to log into every day.

For those who had bought gems, but never used them, you can request a refund for those items.

RIP Brave Frontier. You will be missed.


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