Wasserstein Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case, Head Strap, and Face Cover Bundle | Review

Wasserstein Quest 2 Bundle

The Meta Quest 2 is a fantastic VR headset that is the perfect gateway to a whole new reality. What makes it so appealing is the low cost of entry and the fact that it’s a standalone VR headset that doesn’t require tethering to a computer. However, it could definitely do with a couple of improvements. The whole kit could do with a carrying case and an upgraded strap that is more comfortable and intuitive. Luckily, Wasserstein has several accessories that beef up the overall Quest 2 hardware and come as a bundle. The Wasserstein VR Headset Carrying Case, Head Strap, and Face Cover Bundle is a great start in making your Meta Quest 2 easier to travel with and more comfortable to use.

Wasserstein Quest 2 Bundle

Let’s first start with the new Head Strap and Face Cover. The Face Cover is just a silicone cover that goes over the plastic face rest. It’s pretty much like the regular Meta Quest 2 one that it already comes with so this just gives you backup to use if your original one gets really dirty or worn down. It’s nothing special but at least you now have an extra one. As for the Head Strap, this is one of the main parts of the bundle that is totally worth it.

The Head Strap replaces the stock straps with something more durable and comfortable. It’s mostly made of ABS plastic and has PU cushion pads all along the inside of the headband. The back of the Head Strap has a plastic dial that you twist to either tighten or loosen the strap while the top of the Head Strap has a piece that rests on the front part of your head. This is fantastic because it helps take a lot of the weight of the Oculus 2 off your face and redistribute it around the top of your head. I’ve seen a few other companies make this type of Head Strap too and this honestly is the type to get if you want absolute comfort for long sessions. Not only that, the adjustability of it makes it easier to use with multiple people since all you have to do is twist a dial to make it fit on different-sized heads.

Wasserstein Quest 2 Bundle

Lastly, we have the Wasserstein Carrying Case, which is to be used to hold your Meta Quest 2 and the two controllers. It’s a hardshell case for the ultimate in protection but has a soft inner lining to help cushion it from damage. It’s basically black fuzzy material that feels like fur. This case is meant to be used in conjunction with either the included Head Strap or the Wasserstein Ultra Lightweight Elite Headstrap and Battery Pack. You can also use it with the regular stock straps, but why would you? Anyways, the case is pretty well made, fits everything snugly, and has a convenient carrying handle on it. I feel much more relieved now that I have something to store my Meta Quest 2 in.

So is this bundle worth it? I would say the Carrying Case and the Head Strap alone are things you’d want to get anyways and both these items are really well made and add value to your Meta Quest 2. The Face Cover I could do without but I guess at least now I don’t have to worry about having to purchase another one if I need one. So yes, it’s a worthwhile bundle and basically the only way you could really get either the case or the head strap because they don’t come separately from Wasserstein, only as a bundle.


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