Rolling Gunner + Over Power Out Now for PlayStation | Trailer

Rolling Gunner + Over Power has finally made its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 after a successful outing on Nintendo Switch. Brought to you by ININ Games, this bundle includes both Rolling Gunner and the Over Power DLC. Rolling Gunner + Over Power is a real danmaku (Bullet-Hell) 2D shooter, an adrenaline-tingling arcade-style scrolling blaster with weapons and bombs galore.

This must-play title offers more content than most Shmups out there and is available right now via the PlayStation Store. Fans also still have the chance to pre-order one of the highly limited boxed Collector’s Editions provided by Strictly Limited Games, scheduled to ship in June.

Some of the cool features:

  • Pick one of three STORK spaceships, each with unique attributes and firing patterns
  • Navigate across six stages blanketed in a hail of bullets from an unceasing onslaught of enemies and screen-filling bosses
  • Varied difficulty modes offer the best experience for every skill level
  • Climb the global online leaderboards and keep the challenge going, even after beating the highest difficulty
  • The Replay feature lets you analyze your last attempts and Training Mode helps you master the Rolling Gun and the different stages
  • Beautifully animated cutscenes and a superior, energetic soundtrack by COSIO marry the gameplay and story perfectly

Rolling Gunner + Over Power is available now for $29.99.


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