Gold Project is a Metroidvania Game You Might Not Want to Miss | Trailer

I don’t normally post stuff about Kickstarter campaigns, but Gold Project might be worth a look. Developed by Dreamirl, Gold Project is a dark fantasy 2D metroidvania in pixel-art style that lets you choose between Light and Corruption symbolized by gold. This duality that impacts your progress, whether through new paths or new skills.


Kali is a huntress who once suffered from the malice of a god. Having caught wind of rumors about the God of Greed, vengeance drove her to take up arms again. She is now heading for the City of Gold.

The Goddess of Light will seek to take advantage of Kali’s arrival, offering her help by sharing some of her powers. But depending on her actions, Kali will gradually be able to be corrupted by the Gold as well, and considerably increase her power.

At every moment in her adventure, Kali will have to choose between Light or Corruption.


  • Venture into a frenetic metroidvania to discover the origin of a world corrupted by gold and populated by abominations.
  • Your karma evolve along your actions, closing paths and opening new ones. The progression in Gold Project depends on your choices.
  • A light-rpg skill system, one for the light and one for the gold! Oscillate between spell-caster and brutal power!
  • Alternate between platforming and combat in each zone in a non-linear way with a multitude of epic bosses to fight!
  • Enjoy the artistic vision of Camille Unknown who offers striking pixel-art, where gigantism and subtlety are the key words.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the musical universe created by the duo Sarys X MisterMV to discover an epic storyline rich in emotions.
  • The game will be translated into French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and German (others will be added based on community requests).

If you’re interested, definitely check out Gold Project’s Kickstarter page as well as their STEAM page for more info.


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