Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is Out Now on Steam | Trailer

Developed by Ezekiei Rage, Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is a 2D side-scrolling platformer available now on Steam. Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is a fun and intuitive game designed for kids and newcomers to gaming. Ginger’s magical teeth have been stolen. Without them, her powers are weakened, locking her out of the magic doors in her castle. Help Ginger explore various worlds filled with obstacles to overcome in order to find her magic teeth. 


  • Six large worlds to explore, with multiple exits and collectibles
  • Cute pixel art and catchy music make exploration fun
  • The game is beginner friendly but also challenging for seasoned players
  • Hidden items and optional upgrades invite replaying the game
  • Child friendly, educational and most importantly: Fun
  • Supports multiple languages and control methods

Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is available now for $14.99 – 10% discount.


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