Long Live the Queen is Available Now on Console | Trailer

Ratalaika Games and Hando Games today released Long Live the Queen, an RPG strategy simulation that was originally released on the PC over 10 years ago. Long Live the Queen is full of surprises along with an exciting storyline that will capture the imagination of gamers.

And so the Story goes………………

Long Live the Queen  begins with the young princess Elodie arriving at the castle of Nova after the untimely death of her mother, the Queen. She has no time to mourn, but must immediately begin making preparations to become the next Novan ruler. While she frantically studies and trains to raise her skills, others attempt to take advantage of Nova’s vulnerability. Elodie must fend off invasions, assassins, schemes, and civil war in order to survive long enough to be crowned Queen.

Many first-time players will soon see Elodie meet a tragic death… and then again and again as they attempt different approaches. There are many possible ways for your princess to die, and achievements for the number of deaths you collect. 

Impressive Features List

  • A rich and compelling story
  • RPG, Strategy and Simulation
  • Magic and Secret Powers
  • Multiple Endings
  • Intriguing Cast each with their own political agenda
  • Background Mysteries to uncover
  • Cute Graphics 
  • Unlockable Outfits
  • Achievements list
  • Cruelty, Moods, Skills and Approval
  • Black Humour

Long Live the Queen is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for $10.

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