INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote Review

INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote

Carry bags come in many shapes and styles and sometimes it’s difficult to choose exactly what style of bag you like. Sometimes you prefer a backpack for its comfortable shoulder straps and other times you prefer something like a tote. Well, with INCASE’s new Transfer 2-Way Tote, you no longer need to choose one or the other because the bag can go from backpack to tote and back again with ease.

INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote


The INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote is an ambiguous bag. At first glance, some might think of it as a tote bag while others would see it as a backpack. Regardless, it functions as both and is part of its charm. As a tote, you would use the two handles that are attached to the top of the bag. If you want to use it as a backpack, you would tuck the handles into the pockets and then attach the two backpack straps

The bag is pretty rectangular and has one zippered main compartment, two large open pockets on the outside, a smaller zippered pouch, and two side pockets that can hold bottles of water. There’s even a hidden compartment for your phone tucked away on the side where the backpack straps would go. What’s also neat is that one of the large outer pockets has a zipper that converts this pocket into a luggage passthrough.

If you open up the main compartment, you’ll find a dedicated laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, and a zippered mesh pocket. The rest of the space is large enough to hold a jacket, books, and larger loose items.

The INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote only comes in black, however, which might be limiting for some users. This bag would actually look great in other colors, but I don’t mind it in black. The bag is made of recycled 300D poly ripstop, PU-coated zippers, and Duraflex hardware. There’s even faux fur lining for the laptop sleeve.

INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote


There’s not much really to say about the INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote other than that it holds most of what I would normally need in a work day. It can hold my laptop, a bottle of water, all my pens that I need, my keys, wallet, phone, an extra jacket if it gets cold, and a few miscellaneous extras.

If I’m using this as a day bag, I can use it to put anything I buy at the store in it, extra water, keys, wallet, etc. I mean there pretty much isn’t anything you can’t hold in it that is normal sized and it’s a very non-flashy, kind of stealth-looking bag thanks to the black coloring. I like the quick-release backpack straps so you can put them away if you’re using it as a tote and I like the semi-hidden cell phone pocket that’s pretty secure. Also, it’s pretty neat that there’s a zipper hidden at the bottom that can convert one of the pockets into a luggage passthrough which also makes this a great travel bag as well.

The bag seems very durable and the quality of the materials used is top-notch.

INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote


While I myself am mainly a backpack wearer and less of a tote bag user, I do appreciate the fact that the INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote is convertible. I can see some advantages to having a tote over a backpack and a backpack over a tote. To me, it comes down to maybe what you’re wearing or the occasion. All-in-all, the INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote is a very well-made bag that I think many will enjoy, whether it be a casual bag for a quick trip to the store or a bag you take with you every day to work. Whatever the situation, the INCASE Transfer 2-Way Tote can handle it.

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