ZYBER Handle Attachment for META Quest 2 Controller Grips Review

ZYBER Handle Attachment

META Quest 2 owners looking for handle attachments for their controllers to make them feel more like their virtual counterparts have a steller option with the ZYBER Handle Attachments. These are dual grip attachments meant to lengthen the controllers and simulate the feel of golf clubs, sabers, and rackets, just to name a few examples. These aren’t just cheap attachments either as they include many premium features that help them stand out.

Basically, the ZYBER Handle Attachments connect to the controllers and extend the handles of each controller. The handles add about an extra 5-inches and are both rubberized for extra grip. What’s neat here is that the handles are also weighted, but you can adjust the weight by adding or removing little 1oz weight bars from the inside. You basically just twist off the bottom and add or remove the weights like you would some batteries.

ZYBER Handle Attachments

Installing the controllers into the handles isn’t difficult either and thanks to an ingenious design, once they are installed, it is very difficult for them to fall off. You’ll need to click a little button to release a hook in order to take them out. I should also mention that using the handles does require the removal of the wrist strap if you have that installed on the controllers. Don’t worry because you can always attach another set of wrist straps to the ZYBER Handles.

Now, the kit doesn’t just include the two handles for each controller. There’s also an extension and connecting piece that can go in between both handles called the Shift Linkage Rod. Basically, you would use this if you wanted a longer golf handle or possibly dual sabers.

Overall, the ZYBER Handle Attachments are very well made. The rubber on the grips is nice and grippy and the weights help even out the feel of everything when put together. These really do help with the immersion aspect of certain games, especially sports or fitness-type games. Some examples of games in which the ZYBER Handle Attachment is perfect for include the following: BeatSaber, AudioTrip, FitXR, Supernatural VR, Fruit Ninja, Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, Eleven Table Tennis, Kayak VR: Mirage, Ragnarock, and Smash Drums. The kit is full-featured too and I like how you can adjust the lengths based on your needs. Not only that, the kit also includes a carrying case, a spare weight, and extra wrist leashes.

You can pick up your own set of ZYBER Handle Attachments by following this link here. You can also use the coupon code “TGWK20” for an extra 20% off your purchase.

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