Tenikle 360° Bendable Suction Mount Review

Tenikle 360

If you’re an avid photographer, whether it be with your mobile phone or a traditional camera, you need a tripod. No matter how steady you think your hands are or how creative you might seem with the placement of your camera, nothing beats the versatility of a tripod. Using a tripod allows you to go hands-free whether it be with taking selfies of yourself, taking timed photos, or leaving your camera steady for long periods of time to take a timelapse. Of course, not all tripods are the same and some are just better than others. Take for instance the new Tenikle 360° Bendable Suction Mount Tripod. While the idea for this may seem similar to others, the inclusion of powerful suction cups is a game changer and makes this the most versatile tripod of all time.

Tenikle 360

Tenikle 360° is a fresh take on the “flexible tripod” genre. As I mentioned above, there have been numerous other tripods in the past that featured flexible arms that could be bent and twisted into different positions allowing them to transform in shape. This lets them do unique things like wrap around objects or stand up on uneven ground. That’s basically what Tenikle 360° does but in a much different way.

Tenikle 360° has arms that look like octopus arms, except just three, and each arm is wrapped in high-grade silicone which protects them from water and moisture. Each arm can be bent in numerous different ways (limited only by your imagination), and they’re rigid enough that they won’t move on their own once bent into position. While this sounds great so far, what really differentiates the Tenikle 360° from everything else on the market is the use of super strong suction cups that basically allow you to mount your phone or camera virtually anywhere.

Tenikle 360

Each let has three large suction cups that can be used to mount on smooth surfaces like tables, walls, windows, mirrors, etc. Unlike other flexible, bendable mounts, you don’t need to always wrap the Tenikle 360° around an object for it to work. Stick it to your mirror if you’re doing a bathroom selfie for instance or stick it to the windshield of your car if you need a navigation mount. Again, where you can use the Tenikle 360° is limited by only your imagination.

Tenikle 360

The Tenikle 360° includes a phone mount but it is possible to also use the suction cups to hold your device if it has a surface on the back that can be suctioned on. You’re also not limited to phones as the Tenikle 360° can screw into a regular camera tripod mount and will hold up to 33lbs of weight, so it should work for even larger DSLR cameras.

The Tenikle 360° does come in a variety of colors, and the one we got here is Forest Green. It’s a pretty nice color and I like that it stands out from the usual black you see on most tripods. As it stands, the Tenikle 360° is a near perfect accessory for any photo lover, and the only thing I can really complain about is the silicone skin. This thing is a dust magnet but that’s true of anything made from silicone. Luckily you can clean it off with some water. Aside from that, the Tenikle 360° just might now be my favorite flexible tripod. It’s versatile, easy to carry, and the suction cups make it so unique and way more useful than any other tripod out there.

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