Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser Review

Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser

A lot of people don’t have a desktop computer at home and instead rely solely on their laptops. However, when you’re at home, sometimes using a laptop can take up too much desktop space, especially if you have it connected to a separate hub or have add-on peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, or second display. That is where the Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser becomes useful. This all-in-one solution lets you organize your cables, hubs, headsets, and laptop, while also providing you an elevated view of the display for better ergonomics and comfort while in use.

Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser

While the box states that it is designed for the Microsoft Surface in mind, you can use this with any laptop up to 16-inches. The Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser comes to you in three pieces that must be assembled, though the assembly process takes less than 2-minutes. All you need to do is just attach the rear arm to the base plate with three hex screws and you’re pretty much done.

The third piece is the stand that the laptop sits on and this can be height adjusted to your needs. However, Kensington has something called the SmartFit System which lets you know what height is the recommended proper height you should be using. In the instruction manual is a sizing chart for your hand and based on how big or small your hands are, you place the stand based on that color. It assumes that your hand size correlates to your height. However, it might not be 100% accurate as we know some people have abnormally small or large hands.

Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser

You might want to know why you should raise the viewing height of your laptop and it’s mainly for comfort. Instead of looking down at your screen, you’ll now be able to view it closer to eye level. This also means that if you use a webcam on it, it’s also closer to eye level and would be positioned at a much better angle. This will help to reduce fatigue on your neck.

Once all assembled, just place it on your desk where you need it. The Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser is very sturdy, hefty, and weighted really nicely so it won’t move around on your desk. The base has non-slip rubber feet and the stand has rubber risers that keep your laptop in place and ventilated. On the back of the arm that holds the stand in place, there’s a headset hanger and on the base is a cable management clip.

On the top of the base, you’ll notice a fabric-covered area. You can use this to place your hub on or if you don’t have a hub, you can also use it to place your phone or whatever else.

Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser


I’ve had a couple of laptop stands before, but the Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser is the most adjustable. I like that the stand is height adjustable and that the stand provides some form of ventilation to help keep your laptop cool. I also like that they put thought into how to further organize your accessories with the inclusion of the headset holder and cable management clip.

If you dock your laptop at home or work, the Kensington SmartView Organizing Laptop Riser is perfect for you. Not only is it well made, but it has room for all your extras and certainly makes your workspace more tidy and organized.


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