Horizon Chase 2 Available Now on Apple Arcade – Everyone Else in 2023

AQUIRIS announced the release of Horizon Chase 2, a timed exclusive for Apple Arcade. This new game in the series invites you to race around the world featuring online multiplayer for all game modes, while considerably improving the experience of the first game in every aspect.

Gamers from all ages will enjoy the fast-paced and accessible gameplay supporting online and local multiplayer modes, a super colorful and highly detailed art style, and a thrilling soundtrack.

Horizon Chase 2 was born to be a game in constant evolution, with dynamic evergreen events that will invite you to hone your skills and show off your rides. Major Updates will bring up new rewards, the Playground Mode will offer a brand new challenge every two days, the Tournament Mode defies the players to be the best in collections of several modified races from the World Tour mode. Both modes can be enjoyed alone or in groups of up to four players. Every day is an excellent reason to come back and race!


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