Bones of Halloween Will Arrive Just in Time for Halloween | Trailer

Ratalaika Games and Petite Games announced that their Halloween-themed game, Bones of Halloween, will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on October 28, 2022.

Bones of Halloween is a small but spooky first-person shooter full of thrills and chills, just in time for your favorite holiday! You awaken in a dark forest near a castle and quickly realize that you’re being hunted by grotesque pumpkin skeletons risen from the grave, and they’re after more than just your candy. Shoot down as many enemies as you can while you are still alive! You’ll have to deal with a myriad of monster attacks including arrows, lasers, fire, and explosions. Choose from multiple gameplay modes and difficulty settings, and gain access to powerful weapons. Fortune cards will have either good or bad effects on your fate. 


– Halloween-themed first-person shooter
– Grotesque Halloween monsters
– Multiple game modes, difficulty settings, and weapons

Bones of Halloween is priced at just $5 when it arrives October 28, 2022.

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