Assemble: Word Puzzles Review | Mobile

If I game on my phone, it’s usually a game that’s quick that I can pick up and put down for a few minutes. I normally play on my phone to waste a few minutes a day if I’m waiting on something or taking a small break. I am very particular about my mobile games though and usually like playing puzzle games the most as they do provide stimulation for my brain and I just like the challenge. The latest game I’m checking out is Assemble: Word Puzzles, and while I normally don’t like word games, this one isn’t really the same as your traditional word games. Instead, these are puzzles in which you take different puzzle pieces and assemble them into words. Developed by a mother/son team, Assemble: Word Puzzles is a relaxing experience where you just might learn a thing or two.

For the most part, there isn’t much to the game mechanics. Mainly you’re presented with a bunch of different parts and have to arrange them so they form a word. There’s only one right answer for each puzzle and the puzzles aren’t really that hard. You basically can move pieces, rotate pieces, and arrange pieces until a word forms. Words aren’t always presented as whole words though and are often broken up into syllables to fill up the screen. In terms of challenge, it’s really not that challenging, but it is relaxing not having to overthink things. Also, I like that after you do solve the puzzle, it’ll give you a definition of what the word means.

Assemble: Word Puzzles is free to download and features about 50+ levels. This also makes for a great children’s game and maybe they’ll also learn some new words along the way.

Google Play Store: Assemble: Word Puzzle


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