Save Room Review – A Puzzle Game With a Familiar Theme

Save Room

Save Room is a different kind of puzzle game and one with a rather unique premise. Published by Ratalaika Games and developed by Fractal Projects, Save Room is a Puzzle Inventory Management game inspired by Resident Evil 4. Unlike RE4 however, you don’t have to worry about any zombies trying to munch down on your brain.

The objective of the game is really simple. Try to fit all of your inventory items into the allotted space. Items can be moved, rotated, and combined, but they cannot be stacked or overlap. What’s neat is the ability to combine certain objects to reduce the number of objects you need to make space for. For instance, ammo can fill empty weapons and ammo boxes can be combined with the same kind of ammo. There are even items, like healing items, that can be used to free up space. You mainly would use these when you’re low on health.

I like the fact that the game starts off fairly easy, but ramps up in difficulty as you progress. I also really like how they introduce new elements too as you go. Save Room definitely also has quite a bit of charm with a really unique premise. Who knew that you could make an entire game just trying to arrange your inventory to fit in a predetermined space. It also doesn’t hurt that Save Room gives homage to one of the great survival horror games of its time, Resident Evil 4.

So is Save Room worth your money and time? Players who love puzzle games will enjoy this game. Players who also enjoyed Resident Evil may also love the game, mainly for the theme, familiar weapons, and the familiar crafting system. It’s pretty unique in that sense and makes for a memorable experience. It’s also quite relaxing in the sense that you aren’t rushed to complete the puzzles and can take your time. With 40 levels to keep you busy, you’ll find that Save Room can be quite a fun experience.

Save Room is available now on Nintendo Switch on the eShop.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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