ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 2 Review

ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap for Quest 2

When it comes to VR, the Meta Quest 2 is still the top choice for those who want to dabble in virtual reality. It’s still one of the best and cheapest options and while it’s a solid choice, there’s always room to improve the design. That’s why third-party accessory manufacturers are so important and help extend the value and functionality of the Quest 2. Brands like ZyberVR make accessories like cases, controller extensions, and headbands that make the Quest 2 more enjoyable. Take for instance the ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap. This is a head strap that not only provides extra comfort when compared to Meta’s stock strap but also gives you more play time without having to worry about running out of power.

The ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap includes everything you need to replace the stock Quest 2 strap. There’s the main head strap, the flexible brace for the back of your head, and the top strap with thick padding. The battery pack is integrated into the main head strap along with the USB-C charging cable that attaches to the Quest 2. Putting it all together doesn’t take very much effort and once you have it on your Quest 2, you’ll most likely never take it off.

ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap for Quest 2

What makes the ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap good is the fitted brace on the back which helps with comfort and makes the head strap fit snuggly and securely. Also, the dial on the back makes for easy and quick adjustments. You don’t need to use the top padded strap if you don’t want to and honestly, the head strap without it still fits nicely and tight. You may want to use it for smaller heads or if you want to disperse the weight a bit more evenly on your head. As for the battery pack, you can just plug the USB-C cable into the Quest 2 and leave it plugged in. There’s a built-in mainboard that will protect your headset with over-charging, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protections.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to the ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap. It’s comfortable, it will increase the playtime with your Meta Quest 2, and it’s a solid upgrade if you want something much better than the stock head strap.

The ZyberVR 6000mAh Battery Head Strap is available now for under $50. If you apply the code “TGWK20”, you’ll get 20% off your purchase.

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