AKKO PC98B Plus Air Mechanical Keyboard Review

AKKO PC98B Plus Air Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to keyboards, I won’t use anything other than a mechanical keyboard now. There’s just something about the feel and sound of a mechanical keyboard that makes all other keyboards obsolete. However, most of the mechanical keyboards I’ve used have mainly been catered toward gaming and less for typing. So when I started a new job and they gave me a Macbook Air as my work computer, I knew I had to find something new for it. It’s not that I didn’t want to use my current keyboards, but I wanted something at work that also had Mac keys instead of PC ones. In came the AKKO PC98B Air which I already received for testing a couple weeks back to try out AKKO’s new line of Custom Series Mechanical Switches. This ended up being the perfect Mac keyboard for my needs and I’ll explain why.

AKKO PC98B Plus Air Mechanical Keyboard

Sizing is a big factor when it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard and the most popular sizes seem to be 60%, TKL, and full-sized form factors. For work purposes, a 60% compact keyboard is a bit small and inconvenient, especially if you need to enter numerical values constantly. The same goes for a TKL keyboard that also doesn’t have number keys. A full-sized keyboard is your best option, but did you know there was a layout called an “1800 compact” which is similar to a TKL but has number keys? That’s what the AKKO PC98B Air is. It’s a compact keyboard that’s perfect for work. What you’ll get are all the keys you’d find on your Macbook Air in addition to the numerical keypad.

Aside from the layout, the AKKO PC98B Air comes in an all-white setup with black print. The body and keycaps are all white, which is pretty eye-catching and doesn’t look out of place in a Mac setup. The AKKO PC98B Air also has built-in RGB lighting which gives it that extra wow factor amongst your co-workers. I will say I’ve received a ton of compliments on the look of the AKKO PC98B Air, which also extends to the feel of the keyboard as well.

AKKO PC98B Plus Air Mechanical Keyboard

The AKKO PC98B Air comes with AKKO’s custom CS Air Switch (White). These are linear switches that are buttery smooth and fairly quiet. They have a very satisfying feel when clicked. Other notable features include hot-swappable switches, OSA profile keyscaps, multi-mode connections, Akko Double-Shot TPU plate mount stabilizer, and a silicone case foam and switch pad.

What I like is the fact that you can swap out the switches. If you don’t like the feel of linear ones, you can swap to tactile switches like one of AKKO’s other Custom Series Mechanical Switches. They’re simple to remove with the included switch puller. I also like that you have options when it comes to connection type. I can either connect via Bluetooth, 2.4gHz with the dongle, or with the USB-C cable. With the RGB lighting, you can change it using the hotkey button combinations or download the AKKO Cloud Driver software available for both PC and Mac.

AKKO PC98B Plus Air Mechanical Keyboard

If you have a Mac and want a better keyboard that isn’t the Apple Magic Keyboard, which let’s be honest is pretty bad, then the AKKO PC98B Air is an excellent alternative. Like I’ve said before, once you start using a mechanical keyboard, it’s really hard to go back to anything else. The AKKO PC98B Air has everything you’re looking for in a slightly more compact size. You get super responsive keys, customizability, and RGB lighting. For me, the main feature is having the number keys available to me as well as all the Mac-specific keys already there.

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