NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip Review

NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip

When you think of power strips, you usually don’t think of portable ones because most are meant to be plugged in and just left where they are. Not so with the new NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip. This is a portable power strip meant to go with you anywhere, with the ability to charge multiple devices at once. It features four AC outlets, one USB-C PD 45W Port, and one USB-A Port.

NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip

The main appeal of the NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip is its portability. Somehow, NTONPOWER was able to fit a good amount of ports and outlets into a fairly small form factor. What’s even more impressive is that this also includes a built-in 4ft power cord. That means the NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip is great for travel, especially at places where there’s normally only one outlet but you have a handful of devices that need charging or power.

A use case scenario for the NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip would be at a hotel for instance where you have to use your laptop for some light work, charging your phone or tablet at the same time, and possibly a handheld gaming console. Also, if you have multiple people with you, you won’t have to fight for one outlet.

Note that there are only two Type-B 3 pin AC outlets and two Type-A 2 pin ones. For fast charging, you’ll want to use the 45W USB-C PC port. This port supports high-speed charging of your MacBook Air (45W), Samsung S22ultra(45W), or iPhone (20W). The USB-C charging station charges a single laptop in just 1.7 hrs at full 45W. You can also charge the iPhone 14 pro from 0-80% in 35 minutes.

NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip

In terms of size, the NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip is actually pretty small and while you might be able to fit it in your pocket, no one is really going to be carrying it like that. Again, this is great for travel and a must-have item if you travel with multiple people or have multiple devices. I like how it wraps up in a tidy little package making storage much easier. I also really appreciate the 45° angled flat plug that which helps with its versatility.

I’m pretty impressed with the NTONPOWER 45W Fast Charging Power Strip. I’ve never really thought about having a portable power strip before but now that I’ve used this, I can definitely see a need for one. I’ve been to too many places where outlets have been scarce and traveling with a party of four can make charging all our devices quite difficult sometimes. So overall, a really impressive little gadget that I’ll definitely be taking on all my family trips now so we don’t have to fight for outlets anymore.


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