Hyper Gunsport Out Now on PC, Switch, and Xbox | Trailer

What do you get when you combine volleyball with guns? Hyper Gunsport! Brought to you by Necrosoft Games, Hyper Gunsport is cyberpunk volleyball with guns. It’s a cooperatively competitive arcade action game, where the object is to shoot the ball into goals of varying difficulty. Each time the ball crosses the net, its point value goes up; longer volleys mean bigger points and higher stakes.

Team are composed of two positions: a keeper and a striker. The keeper doesn’t move, but can fire more frequently, and has a wider aiming range and shot radius. They’re usually on defense! The striker can move and jump, but can take fewer shots, so they must be precise and make each movement count. Will you burn shots and get aggressive, or set up an iron defense instead?

Each of the 7 teams has a unique story and cutscenes – one is sure to be your favorite! Each has its own special weapons, which unlock temporarily during gameplay. From tricky bounces to shots that detonate, these weapons require players to think on their feet and change up their strategy.

Each of the 7 arenas is unique as well, with its own gimmicks, from goals that open and close, to moving nets, to unstable footing. At advanced stages, different rulesets change up the gameplay even further. If you’ve played games like Windjammers, Sportsfriends, Lethal League, or Towerfall, you’ll be in familiar territory.

Ultimately, Hyper Gunsport rewards precision shooting for the hardcore minded, but is also friendly to new players who just want to have a good time. The depth is there if you want it!

Hyper Gunsport has a solo or co-op campaign, 1v1 or 2v2 versus modes, and unlockables like an AI watch mode. Players can team up online either through Remote Play Together on Steam, or PlayStation Share.

Hyper Gunsport is out now on Steam, itch.io,Switch, and Xbox, with PlayStation coming soon.

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