Grab Space Runaway For Free on Steam

110 Industries and Soleil have released their 16-bit side-scrolling shooter, Space Runaway on PC for free! The game is a faithful recreation of old-school arcade shooters, offering seven levels of play, epic bosses, and cool powerups.

Originally created as one of many minigames to appear in 110 Industries’ upcoming third-person action title Wanted: Dead – due to release on Valentine’s Day 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox – Space Runaway took on a life of its own. After growing into a fully-fledged title that looks and plays like an undiscovered classic from the 16-bit era, 110 decided to share the game with the world for free.

In Space Runaway, you take control of the experimental secret mech known as XR-110, developed by Dr. Lincoln Maverick. The ruthless Toliman Empire has discovered its existence and this knowledge has prompted them to attack and try to gain control of Earth’s last hope. Only you, playing as Lt. Landers, survive the attack and escape with XR-110. Humanity’s hope rests on your unwilling shoulders as the Toliman Empire pursues and attempts to annihilate the Space Runaway. 

The full version of Space Runaway will also be playable as a minigame in Wanted: Dead when it releases on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on February 14th 2023. Wanted: Dead is a love letter to the sixth generation of videogame consoles developed by some of the talent that created Ninja Gaiden. The game allows you to effortlessly blend skill-based sword combat, third-person cover shooting and stylish finishing moves. Wanted: Dead is available for pre-order now.


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